DotNetNuke Development

Advantages of DotNetNuke

  • Open source CMS
  • Open source CMS
  • Easy content editing and writing
  • Extensible
  • Unmatched Secure
  • Scalable
  • Simple content editing and creation
  • Ultimate platform flexibility
  • Website speed is high.
  • Great for applications or intranets
  • Reduced cost
  • Advanced features
  • Disadvantagesof DotNetNuke


    When installing DNN. Sometime it does not work. It shows some errors. If one thing works, another doesn’t, and so on….


    Administering DNN sites, with the ugly vanilla admin interface that looks like its 10 years old, it’s slow to work with.

    Content structuring

    in other modern CMS’S , content can be structured within a hierarchy, with access to pages via aliases or id’s to link to another page on the site from within content to another content page

    Customization and development

    Probably customization is the worst thing in CMS. developing skins the DNN way is slow and tedious.


    DNN performance is very poor.
    Seems like too much of Risk – Usually fear


The DNN Platform has been downloaded more than 8 million times and powers more than 750,000 sites all inclusive. A large number of business expansions, applications and skins are accessible at the DNN Store that makes amplifying a DNN site quick and moderate. Free open source expansions are additionally accessible from the DNN Extensions Forge. open source DNN Platform includes the following built-in features:

  • Text editor
  • File management
  • Cloud-ready with MS Azure compatibility
  • Mobile API and basic mobile device detection
  • Core written in C#
  • Single installation, multiple portals
  • Social API
  • Modern client-side Web tools like CSS 3, HTML 5 and JQuery
  • Bulk email
  • Robust security
  • Administration features like: security roles, protected content and site log


What is dot net nuke?

Dotnetnuke is an open source CMS based on Microsoft net technology. Dotnetnuke can be easily developed and hosted. Dotnetnuke helps individuals to do whatever they wish with the application framework both commercially and non-commercially.

What is dot net nuke used for?

DotNetNuke framework is ideal for creating a broad range of commercial portal applications that allows administrators to work effectively with add-ons, third party assemblies, and custom tools. The dot net nuke technology is essentially designed to ease the work of administrators, content editors, developers, and designers.

What is dot net nuke skin?

DNN Skins allows those who are not so skilled at design to create a good looking website.DNN modules and skins are easy to find, purchase, or build and operate. Just choose the required skin from a list of skins and the whole website is updated to the new look.

What is dot net nuke framework?

DotNetNuke is a Web Application Framework that provides a highly extensible development environment based on published standards and proven design patterns.