Facebook Promotion

Tips for Successful Facebook Contests

Facebook periodically changes its rules and regulations about contests and other promotions. Be sure to check the Facebook Guidelines page before you launch your contest.

A S.M.A.R.T. goal is one that’s specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Make sure you clearly define your contest’s goals before you start planning.

Consider running caption, photo-vote, video-vote, and sweepstakes contests, which are always popular on Facebook. Sweepstakes are the easiest to enter and the key to driving lots of entries is to pick the right prize.

Figure out what software you need to run and manage your contest. Look for software with built-in voter verification features, so everything is on the up and up.Whatever type of contest you choose, remember you can use the information you collect for future marketing efforts.

Internet marketing enables you to personalize offers to customers by building a profile of their purchasing history and preferences.

Decide how long your contest will run and let your audience know. Companies offering valuable prizes, like a trip to Paris for two, tend to let contests run for longer periods of time than those offering smaller or local prizes, like a meal or a one-night stay in a hotel.

Consider limiting entries to people who live within a 50-mile radius of your business. You can also specify age ranges and even gender in your contest rules.

It’s essential to choose a compelling image. You want to grab the attention of the easily distracted Internet users you want to fill out your form and enter your contest.

Come up with a unique hashtag that reflects your brand and your contest. Then use it to extend the reach of your contest across multiple social networks.

What You Need to Know

These Promotions Guidelines govern your communication about or administration of any sweepstakes, contest, competition or other similar offering on Facebook. A “contest” or “competition” is a promotion that includes a prize and a winner determined on the basis of skill. So, anytime you run a campaign on Facebook where you wish to select a winner that would fall into the terms of Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines. Facebook says: You can’t use Facebook’s features for your promotions!

Yes. As long as there’s no requirement to do anything on Facebook; e.g., like your page, comment, upload content, etc. You can simply post a link on your page to the contest. And, to be fully safe, I would also include this disclosure,

No, the risks are far too great, in my opinion. Yes, Facebook does not have the resources to monitor every single promotion on the platform. But, you never know when you might catch the attention of their legal department.

Advantages of fb promotion

A business can sign up on Facebook for free and for a small startup business this is really useful as they don’t have the money as yet to pay for a website.

It is very easy to create a business page on the social network. People have to enter some useful information regarding their business.

Sharing photos and videos concerning the business becomes very simple on this social media platform. A website is a little professional and owners find it difficult to personalize them.

Customers can directly contact the business on their Facebook page, which gives a personal touch as compared to an automated business email.

The business can respond quickly to queries and resolve problems faster as well. This increases the level of satisfaction of the customer and can help in developing personal relationships with them, promoting brand loyalty.

This is done by adding a link to the website on the Facebook page, and also by posting interesting content from website to the Facebook page, so your fans can click the link and read the full post on website.

Disadvantages of fb promotion

Facebook was designed as an interactive online forum that encourages members to share information via photos, video clips, links and written posts. While account owners ultimately have control of what remains on their public profile, there is little control over who posts information or what those posts contain. It is relatively easy for a competitor, angry customer or disgruntled employee to post accusatory comments that are inflammatory, derogatory or otherwise slanderous to your business on your Facebook wall. Even well-meaning posters may use language or photos that are not in line with the image you want to maintain for your business. Maintaining vigilant control over the content that appears on your Facebook page takes the time and effort of approved content monitors, which can be costly and time-consuming for small business owners.

Content pages must continually be updated with new information that readers will find useful, beneficial or interesting for Facebook marketing to be effective. This requires development of a detailed innovative social media marketing strategy -- a costly investment for small advertising budgets. Facebook marketing strategies include video product demonstrations, interactive forums and online contests, all of which must be created, uploaded, monitored and maintained by a business owner, staff member or social media advertising agency.

Social media platforms like Facebook were created to facilitate the casual sharing of information that may not mesh with the professional reputation you want to establish for your business. For example, Facebook marketing of a nightclub needs to be vastly different from Facebook marketing of a doctor’s office or law practice. Care must be taken to develop and maintain a Facebook presence that reflects your corporate philosophy, or it could place your company at a disadvantage.

While basic Facebook pages are free of charge for personal users, business accounts that feature advertising opportunities come with a price tag attached. This added promotional expense can be a disadvantage for small business owners.