Data integration

Advantages of DataIntegration

  • Minimizing the reconciliation of inconsistent data,
  • Make data more available
  • Reducing the programs and the programmers who support the redundant programs,
  • Having a single version of the true data,
  • Understanding data means smarter business decisions
  • Less redundant data,
  • Reduce data complexity
  • Fewer interface programs (a major resource consumer),
  • Easy data collaboration
  • Fewer problems with timing discrepancies,
  • Increase the value of data through unified systems.
  • More timely data.

Disadvantages of DataIntegration

  • Data integration is expensive.
  • Commitment of management for integration is often short-lived.
  • Size is larger so more disk space is required.
  • Greater Impact of System Failure.
  • More Complex Recovery Procedures.