LinkedIn Promotion

Advantages Of LinkedIn

    LinkedIn’s big advantage is that it enables you to establish high quality profile and it’s a cheap way for recruiters to find you.

    Another advantage of LinkedIn is that it facilitates you doing exactly this, without appearing over eager or just plain weird for what might be construed as corporate stalking. First you do need to spend time building a great profile. Research the types of organisations you wish to work for. Now identify the decision makers in those organisations. Join the groups they are in so you can connect with them.

  • Insufficient technical experience
  • A misfit in soft skills
  • Insufficient qualifications
  • Wrong location
  • Poorly presented application
  • Sourcing passive candidates and better matching of candidates with jobs will be the new norm in five to 10 years. Given how rapidly recruiting has evolved in only four short years.

Disadvantages Of LinkedIn

    Possibly one of the biggest disadvantages of LinkedIn, as with other social media tools, is the investment of time required to use it most effectively.

    This is one of LinkedIn’s disadvantages and one you can’t really circumvent, unless you sacrifice some lower level detail and provide just a higher level overview of your experience. And with more than one third of employers using social media to screen potential job candidates, you must ensure that the information you provide online about your accomplishments are also consistent with what’s in your resume.

    search to find out which contacts are on the site and to view their profiles to determine level of activity, should it prove more beneficial to reach out to them instead via email or otherwise.

    One big concern with LinkedIn, as with all social media sites, is privacy.

    Managing and protecting your reputation online is important because what goes online stays online--and can be readily shared with others. Posts made on LinkedIn through updates, Groups participation and involvement on Answers, are relevant examples, and without exercising caution both in the writing and content, have the potential to be damaging.

Why LinkedIn?

  • Business professional network that focuses on the professional aspects of your background
  • Used by individuals to develop a personal brand
  • Used by businesses to find employees, customers and partners
  • Place to share your background as fully as you are willing to do so
  • Helpful with researching the background of companies and specific people in areas of interest
  • Find expert advice, information on other companies, job vacancies
  • Stay informed on changes and developments in industries
  • Useful to recruiters looking for people with their specific skills and experiences
  • Essential platform for business professionals to create a profile on
  • When completed your profile will represent you and your company globally and is an important part of your online presence

Tips for Promoting Your Brand

  • Highlight your brand using Showcase Pages
  • Complete your Profile and use images to present your products/services attractively
  • Encourage engagement
  • Post content that will grab the reader’s eye quickly. You will receive better engagement.
  • Mix up your media - images, articles/blog posts, videos etc.
  • Share company accomplishments – validates your operations.
  • Prove you are the expert by providing tips and insights
  • Add LinkedIn buttons to your company’s website
  • Post consistently and post quality!

Tips for Promoting Your Brand

Navigation bar have Ability to upgrade your account.

This is the page you will land on when you sign in. You can see if you have any messages, provide updates to your network, see who reviewed your profile and read the updates of people within your network. Only you can see this page.

A suggestion would be for you to look and read other individual’s profiles in your industry first. And Click on Profile on top, Edit Profile.

Connections can offer introductions to others in their network, provide insights to other companies, industries and areas of interest, endorse skills and expertise and provide recommendations.

The “Jobs You May Be Interested In” feature shows jobs posted on LinkedIn that match your profile in some way. You can find this feature on the right side of your homepage or by clicking Jobs at the top of your homepage.

The “Jobs You May Be Interested In” feature shows jobs posted on LinkedIn that match your profile in some way. You can find this feature on the right side of your homepage or by clicking Jobs at the top of your homepage.

  • Jobs & Companies
  • Search Groups - Click on Groups, and Connecting via Groups
  • Pulse
  • Education
  • Post a Job
  • Talent Solutions
  • Advertise
  • Sales Solutions

One of the most effective ways to promote your brand and make your profile visible within the subject areas that the Group will cover.