Shared Web Hosting UAE

The Web hosting service that lets multiple websites to share a physical Web server and its resources among the hosted websites is Shared hosting. Shared hosting logically distributes a Web server to accommodate, serve and operate more than one website. Shared hosting may also be mentioned to as virtual shared hosting.

Share hosting is appropriate for personal sites, small businesses, and even medium sized businesses if their hosting needs fit within the parameters of a small business.On the shared hosting platform every customer has his own particular point of confinement on particular services like disk space, monthly traffic, email accounts, FTP accounts etc.

shared hosting services uae

Shared hosting is one of the most common and prevalent forms of Web hosting service. It is generally provided by Web hosting service providers, which normally have various Web servers on-site.As the expenditures per machine are covered by more users shared Web Hosting is the most economical way of hosting a website. Due to the favourablerelations these savings trickle down to the customer.

At ODS, we offer an easy-to-use, web-based Control Panel with which it is easy to upload your site, create email accounts, databases etc. We're able to concentrate on uptime & service while constantly ensuring your site is online. With our Shared Web Hosting you save time because we take care of the server space and hardware, as well as software maintenance.Our shared website hosting plan is the fastest and most affordable way to get your website online.It's perfect for blogs, portfolios, online stores and even complex database-driven sites and your website will load 200% faster. ODS hosting is better with our unique approach to hosting infrastructure. We deliver amazing server speeds, unparalleled website performance and deliver 100% uptime, backed by a guarantee.