Advantages of Sitecore

  • Web frame work: Sitecore is more than a web content management tool. Entire web framework which allows you to create reusable site components in one repository, all of which can be selected and assembled across multiple sites.
  • Build in applications: Sitecore includes several marketing tools, including WFFM, EFM etc. each built-in application create for assist to Sitecore experience and customization.
  • Integrations: software’s such as CRM and sales force have commonly been integrated into Sitecore to help create seamless creation
  • Innovative Technology: Each Sitecore update previous versions of features. Using the latest innovative technology, users are able to upgrade their Sitecore experience where necessary without losing any data.
  • International: When a user visits a web page from another country, Sitecore’s Translation Provider is able to automatically translate the page to a language readable by the visitor.
  • Security: With potential for multiple content users, Sitecore minimizes access to the platform as well as prevents specific content user capabilities.
  • Intuitive end user interface: Sitecore has invested great time and effort to make its user interface easy to use and intuitive.

Disadvantages of Sitecore

  • Fewer packages available and no way to uninstall them.
  • Less active community support.
  • Multiple databases make management and installation more complex
  • Give editors less rich experience
  • However, it is not suitable for enterprise level sites, multiple sites etc..

Sitecore Key Features

  • Powerful Framework True to its Core
  • Intuitive Software at its Best
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Integration Anywhere and Everywhere.
  • Out-of-the-Box Flexibility & Customization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Integrated Next Generation Online Marketing Suite
  • Multi-Site Deployment Made Easy
  • Built to Scale
  • Google-Friendly URLs Improve Site Rankings Instantly
  • Rapid Development
  • Ideal for International Companies
  • Easier, More Effective Communications
  • Security


Customer Experience is everything now and Sitecore, a powerful Customer Experience platform, gives its customers the opportunity to delight their customers with awesome online touch-points.

  • Integrates extremely well with existing marketing software
  • Right message, right channel, right time
  • Dynamic content personalization
  • Fully customizable
  • Top enterprise grade Security and Support
  • Has great Documentation
  • Multilingual
  • Works with databases (SQL & MongoDB)
  • Powerful Tools (xDB, XP, EXM)

Out of the box, Sitecore comes with a Content Management System (CMS), Executive Dashboard, and Experience Analytics. All of these tools are extremely innovative and have the potential to be very powerful. Sitecore gives you a solid foundation with countless tools which allows for robust customization. This ensures that Sitecore is the perfect fit for your business.

We usually don’t recommend Sitecore for inexperienced or non-enterprise companies. While Sitecore’s user experience is relatively straightforward, many of the more advanced features, the ones that make Sitecore so expensive, will most likely go to waste if the user has had no prior CMS experience.

The implementation process is different for every business that tries to adopt Sitecore. Variables such as needs, experience, and practices can affect the time and difficulty that defines the entire process. There is one aspect, however, of implementation that reaches across all differentiating variables— data migration.