Web Designing & Development

ODS Services

  • Fully customised professional design
  • Domain Registration
  • Ad-free Unlimited Web Space
  • Virus-free & Spam-free email accounts
  • Blog and Social Network integration
  • Search Engine Optimized pages
  • Site Submission in Search Engines
  • Advertising on Google
  • Interactive Animation
  • Website Analytics Detailed Report
  • Multiple Linux or Windows Platforms

ODS Website design&Development process having 7 steps:-

Once a client approved their Project Plan, we start the design process. Now we design a wireframe in Photoshop so you can see what your web site look like.This step is where the client can begin to visually observe the process and see the development happening before their eyes. The initial conformations will be based upon previous conversations about creative elements, review of competitor sites and of course, the lead graphic designer’s input and feedback. The Project Manager will then coordinate review and approval of the compositions. This is a cooperative procedure trusting on clear communication between ODS team and the client.

This is a free consultation allows us the opportunity to get to know you ,what you are passionate about,what direction you want to take your business. At ODS we stand out in many ways, one of which is that the planning is completed ,we directly go for the Proposal creating process with new customers. Planning is a crucial aspect of the development and designing a website as it is the starting point in the project. Excited to enhance and improve your website, a project manager from our expert team will define the site objectives, brand and design strategies, target audiences, site functionality, content presentation, hosting, and maintenance needs from our client. From there, the project manager and development team will create aexactly structured Project Plan with detailed guidelines that will be presented for client approval.

Once graphic Designs are approved, ODS will move the project through the HTML coding phase. This phase revolves around coding of the website graphics and framework. Once coding is completed, the site will be moved through the extensive programming and integration phase. This part of the process is typically the most time intensive in the project, as there may be multiple integration points and complexities. However, our experts will work to provide the most efficient and quality service .You can depend on our experience to know you ‘II get standards based and accessible websites that work perfectily in modern web browsers.

A website content writer or digital content writer is a person who focussed in creative & relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires a different type and level of content. Content should contain words (key words) that attract and retain users on a website.Content from web speak the the quality of the particular site. Web content writers must have the skills to insert paragraphs and headlines containing keywords for SEO.

After all programming is finished, the site will be put into “beta” mode. During the beta phase, ODS will conduct an extensive variety of tests to ensure that the client’s website runs as smoothly as possible. Additionally, we encourage our clients to test and analysis all aspects of the new site – graphics, performance, structure, and more. From here, after client approval, the site will be moved to despatch where all final changes are implemented.

The process of hosting a new website is, for many entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners, an uncertain and scary prospect.The Web site at this point is considered live and ready to receive traffic. This is the most thrilling phase of the process, as the whole project comes together and site visitors are impressed and pleased by the new website. At this time, it is also typical to have an influx of customers and positive responses due to the changes made. Now that you have an awesome website, we want to make sure it stays awesome

Like any machine or piece of technology, a website takes support and service to keep it running well and at its best. Many web developers overlook or dismiss this step, but ODS recognizes the great importance of continued service and maintenance. your website- should anything need more updating, another feature, or a quick fix, we are at your service to make sure that your site should working properly. You’ll have our mobile numbers and personal emails and be able to get hold of us at any time.

Web Design FAQ

In ODS web site Design & development the price factor depend on so many factors, it’s impossible to say in one sentence. Any web developer who can answer this question without a long interaction with the client. There are many, many factors that influence the ultimate price of any type of website. First up on you will tell what you want to build, the nature of the site, what sort of interactivity the site will have, your graphic design needs, how many pages you want to create etc. Depending on the features& functionality you want for your web site, the cost can be anywhere from a few thousand dollars to a few million.The designer might charge $2,000 or more for a basic Web site, not including Web hosting fees. The page development is $50 - $75 each .you'll see that a 4 - 6 page template-based site will cost around $400, while a full custom design will come in closer to $800 - $1500. Other authoritative sources generally quote in the $1,000 - $2,000 range.

  • We build Powerfullwesite
  • We highlight simplicity
  • We are affordable
  • We are friendly
  • We only charge you when we do work for you.
  • We are honest.
  • You are the boss.

The time it takes to create a fully functional website is based on several factors. The answer to this question will vary depending on the project, but generally it takes three to four weeks.The custom design work can take 1 - 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the number of revisions you require. The development phase requires an additional 1 - 6 weeks, depending on the number of pages, and the functionality you required. We can give you an estimated timeline for your project, and if you need to have your site completed faster, tell us.

In ODS our team web designers are well qualified & experienced & we are mostly concentrated on new new technologies. We specialize in XHTML, CSS and Flash, but are very experienced with JavaScript, DHTML, XML, PHP, and others. we can contact our network partners for additional services.

Absolutely, we encourage it. We build your website on our development server, and provide you with a username and password so that you can log in and monitor the progressof your site. During this process, we encourage your feedback if something isn't quite the way you imagined it or if you've changed your mind. Once your site is ready and you have provided your approval, we release it live on your server and submit your URL to the major search engines.

Yes of course, ODS provide you a template to design your attractive web site.It’s quite common to feel overcome when it comes to picking the right design for your website. Choosing a template to design & develop your website can either be a lot of fun or completely crushing, for most people – somewhere in between. While most website builders offer a wide variety of designs for you to choose from that and some even offer third party premium templates that you can purchase that also having endless options, especially if you don’t have a sharp idea for design process.

Yes. In our ODS web design and development service includes so many functions like configuration of your email accounts, detailed monthly traffic reports and basic search engine optimization services. SEO includes submission of your site to the major search engines, and the setup of your primary metatag information (Page Title, Description and Keywords)additionally, your site is built from the ground up with search engine friendly technologies and methods.

For small projects, 50% of the estimated fee must be provided earlier to begin the work, the remaining payment only after the completion of project. For larger projects, an initial payment representing one-third of the estimated total fees after agree the proposal. The second payment will required only after the 50% of project completion & the final third only after the completion of project.

Yes, the team ODS is ready to redesign the current web site .we are happy to work with your existing design. We may need to make some modifications to accommodate new features. We can go over any changes that may need to be made after we see the design you have.

In ODS we are mainly suggesting three option for maintaining and refreshing your site content. Whatever the option you choose ,we don't care, but ODS strictly encourage everyone to update your site regularly then only you will be getting absolute result.

Urgent Plan:-when you need to add or make a change to your content , Please make a call We'll complete your request within 48 hours, and bill you at our standard hourly rate.Urgent requests can generally be completed within a few hours for an additional charge.

ODSMaintenance Plan: -Sign up for one of our on-going maintenance plans, and you'll receive a discount on our standard rates.

Content Management System (CMS):-Select a Content Management System,the Team ODS make all the changes you want. if your site want more perfectionthen it requires frequent updates.