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WordPress is definitely the world's most popular CMS. The script is in its roots more of a blog than a typical CMS. For a while now it's been modernized and it got thousands of plugins.


  • Can use easily WordPress does not require PHP nor HTML information unlike Drupal, Joomla or Typo3. A preinstalled plugins and layout capacity permits them to be introduced effectively. You should simply pick a plugin or a layout and tap on it to introduce. It's good choice for beginners.
  • Community: To have a useful support, there must be a large community of users.
  • Plugins: The script has over dozen thousands of plugins available on its website. They are the reason WordPress considered as a CMS.
  • Templates: On the script’s landing page you can see a huge number of graphics templates, that can change your site's look. You can discover there both free and paid layouts.
  • Menu managements: WordPress menu management has extended functionalities, that can be modified to include categories, pages, etc.
  • Non-standards fields: You can easily add fields to forms by yourself or using plugins. WordPress is supported by a worldwide group.
  • FLEXIBLE: WordPress is highly flexible and cost-effective.
  • WordPress is not not just to blog.
  • WordPress has easy to utilize non-standard fields.
  • WordPress positively affects SEO.
  • WordPress is highly responsive.
  • WordPress is highly safe & secure.
  • WordPress is having frequent software updates.
  • WordPress is Search Engine friendly.
  • WordPress can handle different media types.


  • Modification requires knowledge of PHP
    Want to do modification, requires some understanding of PHP language.
  • Graphics modification requires knowledge of CSS and HTML
    There are plenty of templates are available in WordPress. To build unique template design, you need to know about CSS and HTML.
  • Plugins and efficiency
    To compete with other CMS, WordPress needs lot of plugins installed. But these plugin affect the script efficiency badly.
  • PHP security
    The script is not protected as well as other applications. It all depends on how sensitive is the additional content of your page. Tables and graphics formatting.
  • SQL queries
    Queries can be complex since all additional non-standard fields that make WordPress a CMS.

What ways to use WordPress?



    Content Management System (CMS)



    Rating Website

    Shopping Store

    Video Collection Site

    Membership Site



Word Press was originally created for blog posting. A site’s posts make up its blog. A WordPress post is what makes up the blog aspect of your site.

  • These are generally news or informational updates about a certain topic or talking point.
  • Posts are listed in reverse chronological order and can be tagged, categorized and even archived on your site.
  • WordPress posts are what make up the RSS content of your WordPress blog. So, when someone subscribes to your RSS feed, your posts will be the content that’s delivered to them.
  • Think of the posts at the news portion of your site. They’re dynamic and constantly changing the content your end users sees.

Once you figure out the post types your WordPress site will use, you’ll want to group similar items together. WordPress includes Categories and Tags by default for the Posts post type.

If you write about social media, you’ll want to have categories like Growing Your Reach, Increasing Your Conversions, Security Tips, and Tools to Use. CATEGORIES are very important things in post writing.


WordPress is a very good script to create a simple website. It is one of the simplest to use (definitely not simpler than Quick.Cms though) of all solutions available on the internet. It's very good choice for a beginner. Advanced users with advanced needs would have to install many plugins to have what is a standard for Joomla or Drupal.